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Your mindful guide to

A More Connected Way Of Life with Cannabis

Your mindful guide to

A More Connected Way of Life with Cannabis

The beginning of

A New Relationship

We are a cannabis inspired wellness collective. Our content, classes, and coaching aims to expand and empower individuals to connect deeper with themselves, others, and the planet through cannabis. From the wisdom of ancient tools, we create New Rituals. 

"Cannabis helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad AND DANGEROUS world."


American astronomer + scientist

1:1 Guidance

Interested in beginning or deepening your relationship with cannabis as a wellness and spiritual tool or just looking for general guidance? Our certified Cannabis Wellness Coach can guide you towards your goals safely. By the end you will have a better understanding of the cannabis plant, how to use it to achieve your wellness goals, and feel confident exploring it on your own.

Online Classes

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Our virtual rituals create space for you to shift your state.

This sapling is growing like a weed

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