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High praise

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Client Testimonials

Amy Mazius

The experience in New Rituals’ classes transcends time and place. She’s able to use her expertise and spirituality to connect you with your deeper self. I struggle with autoimmune skin issues and the experience brought me to a state of physical relaxation I hadn’t achieved in months. The way Lexi approaches conscious consumption is beautiful and rewarding.”

Iris Durfler

“I hadn’t smoked or used weed in over 10 years. It just became legal in Illinois so I wanted to try it as an alternative to drinking. Lexi guided me toward the right products and dosage so I didn’t feel overwhelmed in the dispensary. It was so helpful and I now love my gummies. I haven’t laughed this hard or enjoyed baking this much in years.”

Grant Kellog

“Lexi’s yoga and cannabis experience is so unique and something you must try at least once. Consuming cannabis with mindfulness and a low dosage combined with a gentle and restorative yoga practice left me feeling so rejuvenated and blissed.”

This sapling is growing like a weed

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