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Your trusted cannabis guide.

Our mission is to be your cannabis guide. We gather philosophy, research, teachers, and rituals to help you better understand the plant. 

As a wellness collective founded on the belief that cannabis is medicine for people and the planet, our offering is equal parts education and techniques. Everything we create from virtual classes to 1:1 coaching is intended to support those seeking to begin or deepen their relationship with cannabis in a supported way.

They have been telling us for generations that cannabis is a gateway drug.
And we agree.
A gateway to creativity, friendship, regeneration, social justice, health, wellness, and human connection.
A gateway to a more conscious community and connected self.
With the power of ritual, we are stepping through the gateway to welcome in deeper connections with the plant, people, and our planet.

Our Beliefs

Cannabis is medicine, even if it feels good. Before the racially fueled propaganda of the 20th century, this plant had been used in traditional medicinal and spiritual practices for thousands of years – since 2,000 BC to be exact. As the “War on Drugs” thaws globally, we must usher in a new era of cannabis education and understanding. Learn to work with this teacher plant to relieve pain, sleep better, smile more, reduce anxiety, have better sex, tune into spirit and the list goes on! We are here to re-write generations of misinformation so you can tap into this ancient knowledge and blossom into a new version of yourself.

Sadly have found ourselves in a world where 1 in 5 people report experiencing anxiety and 36% report feeling serious loneliness. The main tools we have for social connection, alcohol and social media, are only worsening the problem. You will find as you use cannabis, you will develop a deeper connection with the planet, more intentional relationships with others, make memories you can actually remember, and attract a higher frequency of human.

We believe saving our planet is the #1 global issue at hand. A recent study found that cannabis consumers are significantly more involved in environmental issues compared to consumers in other industries. Not only can this plant help us connect with our planet’s needs, it can directly help us restore our environment. Cannabis is a regenerative crop that restores nutrients to the soil, sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and removes heavy metals from soil. Hemp is also an extremely economical fiber to replace cotton, paper, and even plastic. When used correctly this plant is truly magic.

Meet the founder

Lexi Kafkis

Lexi Kafkis is a certified Cannabis Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Creative Director, Educator, and founder of New Rituals.

I credit cannabis with transforming my life and birthing my spirituality. It has helped me escape corporate burnout, break binge drinking habits, heal a herniated disk, orgasm for the first time, live with endometriosis, care for this planet, connect deeper with myself, and create more intentional relationships with others. After 3 years of working in cannabis marketing and 10 years of personal use, I noticed a desperate need for a more feminine approach to the plant instead of the more-is-better stoner culture that currently dominates. I have spent years studying the plant, its place in history, indigenous rituals, and modern advances. I am passionate about educating and helping others discover how cannabis can be a part of their wellness routine and feel good in their bodies.

Meet the founder

Lexi Kafkis is a certified Cannabis Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Creative Director, Educator, and founder of New Rituals.

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